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  Ok for Practica
Igor - Toronto   (Tuesday, May 29, 2012)

This is a decent pair of shoes with Ok craftsmanship. The suede is soft, the leather sole is rather rigid, with good support. The back is more rigid than it should`ve been for dancing shoes, without any cushion. Stitching quality is average. The usual problem with black suede is that as good as it looks, it immediately becomes stained on a milonga, and requires constant attention. Leather (or patent leather toes and heels with suede inserts) is definitely recommended over all-suede construction. E.g. for the first pair of tango shoes they may look just perfect, however, compared with, say, a good pair of ballroom shoes from a respected British or Italian manufacturer they loose quite significantly.

  Brilliant dance shoes
Vispi - Limerick   (Friday, November 9, 2007)

I have had these pair of shoes for a few months now, and they are impeccable. The photos of the shoes do not reflect the real colour and richness of the suede. The fit of the shoes was very good, and with Cuban heels, made a style statement.
My dance technique and balance improved tremondously after I started using these shoes.

  Great shoes
Pawel - Warsaw, Poland   (Monday, December 18, 2006)

These are my first shoes from GFTS. They arrived just 4 weeks after entering the measurements! And they fit perfectly. I used the shoe sizer, and recommend everybody to do the same. You just forget, you have shoes on, when you dance. I plan to keep them for milongas and order Carbanal for workshops and practice.

  Milonga shoes
BF - Sydney, Australia   (Friday, April 7, 2006)

These are the 2nd pair I've ordered from GFTS after Carbanal. And again the shoe finish is nothing short of top quality.
I haven't worn them to dance yet only tried them for size. And since it used same measurements as last time the shoe again fits well. I am planning to keep them for milongas and use Carbanal for practicas and lessons.

  For Practica & Milonga
EDDIE - Honolulu   (Saturday, November 12, 2005)

The design of this pair of tango shoes is so great that they are both comfortable for practica and elegant-looking for milonga. They are very easy on the feet and I would recommend them to all levels of dancers.

  Great new shoes
Christopher - Bozeman, MT   (Thursday, October 28, 2004)

These are my first real tango shoes and they have made an incredible difference in my dancing. The fit is perfect... the craftmanship is impeccable... and they were delivered in exactly the estimated period of time. I highly recommend them to everyone who compliments me.

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