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mens (by brand)
  Vida Mia Shoes
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3. DNI Tango Trainers-Rocio
4. DanceFit - Constanza
5. Vida Mia Ladies Dance Sneakers

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1. Very comfortable
2. Love these shoes!
3. 3 pairs
4. nice shoe
5. Returned


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Instant Buckles

To use the Instant Buckles just slip the strap (with buckle attached) inside the clip. You may need to adjust the buckle on the strap before you wear the shoes in order to get a snug fit. You can adjust the location of the buckle on the strap by moving the buckle into a different hole on the strap. In some cases you may need to make an extra hole in the strap (or ask your local shoemaker).

You only need to adjust the buckle once for each foot. After that you never need to adjust the buckle again. Just slip the strap into the clip. It will take just seconds to get a secure fit instead of fumbling with the buckle each time you put on the shoes.

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