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Bajofondo Remixed (free shipping when ordered with shoes)

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Track List:
1 Perfume (Calvi & Neill Zurdo jazz remix)
2 Pulso (Alexkid remix)
3 Montserrat (Capri remix)
4 Leonel el feo (Romina Cohn & Carlos Shaw remix)
5 Perfume (Calvi & Neill Bouquet remix)
6 Pulso (Omar remix)
7 Decollage (Cristobal Paz & Leo Di Giusto remix)
8 Miles de Pasajeros (Omar remix)
9 Mateo y Cabrera (Mercurio remix)
10 Mi Coraz´┐Żn (Castelli ramix)
11 Miles de Pasajeros (Androoval remix)
12 Los Tangueros (Castelli & Ackerman remix)  

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