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4240 - DanceFit - Buena

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  Gorgeous red!

Ludmila - Canberra, Australia   (Thursday, March 8, 2007)

These beautiful soft red suede shoes are like gloves on my feet. They are super comfortable to dance in and gorgeous to look at!

  Love them!

Michelle - New York, NY   (Sunday, September 10, 2006)

These are the most comfortable tango shoes I have (at least as far as 3' heels go). I ordered a leather sole and extra padding and am happy with both. The shoes are very well balanced and make me feel I am effortlessly gliding across the floor. Plus, they are so pretty I am considering ordering another pair to use as street shoes.

  First tango shoes

Jessica - Toronto, Canada   (Friday, July 21, 2006)

These shoes are extremely comfortable. I haven't worn them out to a milonga yet, but they work perfectly well for practicing. (Although they are much too pretty to use only for practicing.) The colour is the perfect shade of red too.

  Lovely shoes

Elizabeth - Oregon   (Friday, March 3, 2006)

I can dance all night in these shoes. The red color is wonderful for tango and the design is extremly sexy. I move so smoothly in these shoes, I don't feel that I have to fight the floor.

  Beautiful Red Suede Shoes

Nina - California   (Monday, January 17, 2005)

These shoes are extremely well made and comfortable. The suede is very good quality and the color is perfect. Everyone has commented on how nice they look. The only thing I would change is to have more holes poked in the strap as I had to take them to the cobbler and have him do this for me.

  Extremely pretty shoes

Andrea - Manchester, UK   (Wednesday, April 14, 2004)

This pair of shoes are extremely pretty and comfortable. As they are full red suede I have to save them carefully and just use them for demonstrations or milongas. They are not teaching shoes.
A recommendation for the next buyers would be to measure your feet without socks as I did because the toe box is quite loose, in my case, and I prefer dancing shoes to be quite tight. Also the best choice (as I did) for sole definitely is leather. I was fearing that ordering standard series shoes with leather sole would be quite hard but in fact they are very flexible and I can 'show off' when playing with my feet in milongas and when teaching. If this pair was available in other material apart from red suede (like normal black leather), I would not hesitate to stick to this model and order more pairs for teaching and regular milongas. Everybody WOW's looking at the shoes.

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