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5520 - Model VF C916103

  very nice!
Jorge M. R. - Coimbra-Portugal   (Thursday, January 29, 2009)

Well... I allways had a 'problematic' foot... Its too short and too large, and 'standard size shoes' have always been hard to fit on them. and if they were in the wrong measurement, they would break in less than a week. So, I was a little skeptical on buying shoes over the internet. But I've risked it.

The shoe-sizer does do the trick! when I saw the shoes I thought:' i dont know if this will fit my foot', but actually it got in without any effort! and it is really confortable! a perfect fit! So, this earned my attention, and I'm already thinking on getting another pair.

About the shoe itself, the leather is top quality, we see absolutelly no defect. the sole gives the right ammount of grip, and let you 'feel the music' . But one thing must be advised: they fell in the same 'category' of a slick racing tyre. What I mean is, like a slick racing tyre is perfect for going on a circuit, for getting the best in the track, these are perfect for getting the best in the dance floor. But, like the tyre, they are useless, or at very least non-advisable, for any other environment. To use on the dance floor, at home, its perfect. if you go to the street, specially if its raining, they will give you grip (unless there is mud&) , you will be able walk safelly, but they may be ruined in no time... That is the only drawback I see in these shoes.

As a final conclusion, I may say that whatever the skills you may have to dance, whether you are learning or teaching or just have fun, these are very good shoes, a top quality 'racing slicks' . But keep in mind that you may/should/must have to get another pair for travelling between your home, and the dance floor.
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